Gardens of Tugendhat and Löw-Beer Villas Connected By New Turnstile

The City of Brno has built a turnstile to allow visitors to the Tugendhat and Löw-Beer villas to move easily between the two historical attractions. This is part of a wider plan to reconnect the gardens of the former residential colony. Photo credit: Z. Kolarik / MMB.

Brno, Jun 9 (BD) – Since June 5th, the gardens of the Tugendhat and Löw-Beer villas have been connected via a turnstile. There are further plans to reunite the entire green space, currently divided into separate gardens, to restore the original historic appearance of the villa colony on the slope of Cerne Pole, which had always been interconnected.

The garden of villa Löw-Beer. Photo credit: Z. Kolarik / MMB.

The residential colony includes the well-known Villas Tugendhat and Löw-Beer, as well as the Arnold and Giskr villas, and the house with functionalist elements at Černopolní 47. The gardens of the former two have now been connected as the first step towards a restored common green area.

From June 5th, visitors who have purchased a ticket to tour Villa Tugendhat can enter the garden of Villa Löw-Beer through a turnstile and return at their own pace. Likewise, visitors coming from Luzanky can buy a ticket to the garden of either villa. The turnstile will be open from 10am to 6pm from March to October, and from 10am to 5pm from November to February.

The connecting turnstile. Photo credit: Z. Kolarik / MMB.

The City of Brno has spent CZK 1 million on the project, including the installation of the turnstile and a camera system with wiring throughout the garden, as well as landscaping.

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