Drunk Brno Man Attacks Bus After Refusing To Wear Facemask

After refusing to put on a mask when requested by the driver, the man became angry and ended up causing significant damage to the door of the bus. Photo credit: Policie CR.

Brno, Jun 9 (BD) – Some Brno residents feel very strongly about facemasks. One such man boarded a bus in Brno-Židenice on Sunday afternoon without a mask, and was quickly asked by the driver to put one on, as required by law. The man became angry and began shouting and swearing at the driver, getting off the bus to approach the front. The driver took the opportunity to close the doors, at which point the man completely lost his temper and kicked in the front door of the bus, before leaving the scene.

However, he didn’t get far. According to police spokesman David Chaloupka: “The police were called and began searching for a man fitting his description. A few stops further on, officers caught the man aboard another trolleybus. He was heavily under the influence of alcohol. He travelled to the police station in handcuffs, where he was measured with a blood alcohol reading of 3.21 per mille.”

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