Which Anti-Pandemic Measures Are Being Loosened From June 8th?

Monday, June 8th, sees further loosening of the quarantine measures brought in during the state of emergency, including the relaxation of pub garden opening times, rules for cinemas and theatres, and the obligation to wear masks. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Czech Rep., Jun 8 (BD) – The Czech government has been gradually lifting the lockdown measures imposed in March, with further rules rolled back each week as the epidemiological situation remains favourable. So what rules have been loosened this week?

Events and public spaces

Public events of up to 500 people will now be permitted, with the limit rising to 1,000 people from June 22nd, according to current plans. Restaurants and bars, which have had to close at 11pm until now, will be allowed to keep gardens and outdoor spaces open later, though not interiors.

Cinemas and theatres will no longer be required to ensure spaces between members of the audience, but facemasks must still be worn. 


It will no longer be required to wear a mask when visiting public swimming pools, whether in or around the pool. In another change that will affect only a few people, but could have a significant symbolic effect, presenters and guests on TV shows will no longer have to wear masks, provided they are keeping the required two metres of distance.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech told Czech weekly news magazine Reflex that the obligation to wear facemasks would end on June 22nd.


Second-grade primary school students will be able to return to classes from today, though classes will still be limited to 15 pupils and attendance is still not compulsory.

University entrance exams are taking place today and tomorrow, with 93,908 students registered. In the revised timetable, students will sit just one exam rather than two. The exams were originally scheduled for mid-April.

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