Brno Councillors Propose Ban On Alcohol Consumption in Squares and Parks During The Night

A proposed new anti-alcohol decree will prohibit alcohol consumption after midnight in the city’s squares, and after 10pm in parks. The decree should also simplify the process of permitting alcohol consumption at public events. Photo credit: CG / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jun 5 (BD) – A new anti-alcohol decree has been submitted by Brno councillors, one month after an amendment that allowed alcohol consumption in squares and parks in the city centre, including Zelní trh, Jakubské nam., Dominikanské nam., Rimské nam., Luzanky Park, Tyršův sad and Obilní trh. The new rules would prohibit drinking in these squares after midnight, and after 10pm in the parks. Additionally, the proposed decree should make it easier for event organizers to serve alcohol at their events.

“A more extensive amendment to the so-called anti-alcohol decree has been in preparation since mid-2019, in cooperation with the city districts. In the end, the breadth of changes was such that we decided to issue a new decree instead of the amendment,” explained Mayor Marketa Vankova (ODS).

For organizers of public events, the new decree should simplify the bureaucratic process of allowing alcohol at their events. Currently, organizers of public events have to apply for an exemption to allow consumption of alcohol in public. With the increased popularity of festivals and other street events, Vankova said this solution has appeared to be ineffective. Therefore, a general exemption for the consumption of alcohol at events will be included in the body of the decree instead.

The ban on alcohol consumption near children’s playgrounds and sandpits, on public transport platforms, at schools, hospitals or near the entrance to churches, cemeteries or shopping centers remains in force.

The Brno City Assembly will discuss the new decree at their next meeting on June 16.

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