Filharmonie Brno To Start Performing Live Concerts Again From Tuesday

Filharmonie Brno will resume live concerts next week, with two performances every day from Tuesday to Friday, after kicking off the week with a concert on the roof of Trznice on Zelni trh on Monday. Photo: Courtesy of Filharmonie Brno.

Brno, May 24 (BD) – After months of online concerts, Filharmonie Brno has announced their return to the live stage. Under their new project “No more streaming. We’re playing live again!” [“Konec streamu. Hrajeme zase živě!”], they will perform eight times in four days at the Besedni House.

“The program of streamed and archive concerts over recent weeks has been unbelievable. But we have learned one thing: it cannot replace a live experience. We know this because of the many listeners who have written to us that they are lacking live music. Believe me, we all miss the orchestra as well, so we are therefore taking the opportunity to return to playing live, albeit under atypical conditions. Of course, we will take care to comply with the regulations. We definitely do not want to endanger the health of audience members or musicians,” said the director of Filharmonie Brno, Marie Kucerova.

From Tuesday to Friday, there will be a new concert each day performed twice, at 3.30pm and 6pm. All concerts will be played with a chamber ensemble, without wind instruments, for a maximum audience of 130. To ensure the health and safety of both the audience and performers, the hall will be set up in a way that ensures the required distances can be kept, and after every concert, everything will be disinfected, the hall will be ventilated, and the air will be cleaned with an ionizer.

On Thursday, the Filharmonie percussionists will be performing two concerts. Photo: Courtesy of Filharmonie Brno.

On Monday, the week’s series of concerts will begin with an outdoor performance by the Filharmonie Brno cellists on the roof of Trznice in Zelni trh at 7pm. Listeners can expect to hear works by Vivaldi, Mahler and Rossini, played by nine musicians in a 50-minute program. Harpist Dominika Svozilova will also accompany them for one composition. “We are very happy to be playing together again after a long time. Although quite untraditional, it is still a great joy for us,” said concert master Pavel Sabacky.

On Wednesday, the married duo Ivana and Marek Svestka will perform a range of pieces from romanticism to the present, in a rare combination of harp and double bass. On Thursday, the music will be a little louder, with concerts performed by the Filharmonie percussionists. Some pieces have been arranged around the perimeter of the hall, others will be supplemented by recordings of the human voice. On Friday, a string quartet will be performing a light repertoire, from Bach through Piazzolla to the Beatles and ABBA.

The series of chamber concerts begins a day after the tickets go on sale for Filharmonie Brno’s 65th concert season. For the first time, people can now purchase subscriptions online, instead of having to go to Besedni for pre-sales. “We believe that it is more convenient, and we also want to meet the needs of those who are still afraid to go out,” said Kucerova. Early bird discounts on subscriptions are also available for the first time, until June 19th.

The full program and tickets for “No more streaming. We’re playing live again!” are available online, currently only in Czech. Tickets can also be purchased in advance from Filharmonie Brno, as well as at the venue, half an hour before the start of the event.

All tickets are CZK 100, with no concessions. Seats will not be fixed.

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