New Bridge Over Nové Mlyny Reservoir To Include Cycle Path

At a meeting on Monday, representatives of the South Moravian Region approved the construction of a cycle path across Nové Mlyny reservoir, included as part of the new road bridge. The whole project should be completed by June 2021. Photo credit: Daniel Baránek, license: CC BY-SA 4.0, source: Wikimedia Commons.

Brno, May 19 (BD) – South Moravian Regional representatives have confirmed that a proposed cycle bridge over the Nové Mlyny reservoir will go ahead, despite cuts to investment in the region. The cycle crossing will be a part of the main road bridge across the reservoir, currently undergoing repair work that should be completed by June 2021.

The new cycle path will redirect cyclists away from a busy road with heavy freight traffic to a separate, safer path. According to Deputy Governor Petr Hýbler (ANO), “the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure will contribute CZK 58.9 million to the construction of the cycle path, from a total cost of CZK 89.75 million.” The region will pay 15% of the total, approximately CZK 10.3 million.

South Moravia’s Governor, Bohumil Šimek (ANO), said that the project got the green light to fit in with scheduled work on the road bridge and due to the subsidy available, as postponing the work would have been uneconomical.  

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