Video: Man with Knife Locks Himself in Toilet at St. Anne’s Hospital in Brno

On Monday, police released a video from the afternoon of May 15th, of an intervention by the city police at St. Anne’s University Hospital, where a man armed with a knife barricaded himself in the toilet. Photo: MPB.

Brno, May 19 (BD) – The man refused to open the door to police after repeated requests. 

Protected by shock-proof shields, the police entered and struck the knife out of the man’s hand with an extendable baton. 

The police pacified the man by force, handcuffed him, and assisted paramedics in transporting him to the detention center for people under the influence. “The case will, of course, have legal repercussions for him,” announced Brno City Police on Facebook.

The police have not disclosed any further details about the detainee.

Video: MPB / Facebook.

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