Weather: Temperatures To Rise in the Next Days But Remain Below Normal for May

After occasional rain this week in most parts of the country, this weekend will be pleasantly sunny and warm, with highs of up to 21°C on Sunday. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, May 14 (BD) – Friday will be rainy during the day, with temperatures expected to drop later in the night to between 4°C.

On Saturday, fog is predicted in the morning in some parts of the country. Partly clear skies will prevail during the day, with daily highs of 17°C across the country and slightly higher temperatures in South Moravia, around 18°C.

We can look forward to slightly warmer conditions on Sunday, with maximum temperatures of 21°C and mostly clear skies. 

Monday is forecast to be partly cloudy, with some parts of the country likely to experience occasional showers. In Brno, temperatures will reach 23°C on Monday.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute describes the temperatures for the week from May 11th-17th as “significantly below average” and temperatures in the next three weeks (May 18th-June 7th) as “average to slightly below average”, according to the latest monthly forecast. The coming days may even see morning frost. 

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