Photo: Olomouc, ZM for Brno Daily.

Man Punches Two Fellow Passengers on Olomouc Tram After They Remind Him To Wear a Facemask

Two passengers on an Olomouc tram were attacked by an aggressive 28-year-old man after they brought to his attention that he was not wearing a facemask. The man first punched a 46-year-old man several times in the face, and then a 52-year-old woman who came to defend him. The conflict was resolved by the police. Photo: Olomouc. Credit: ZM / Brno Daily.

Moravia, May 12 (BD) – The incident took place on Sunday evening on the route between the Pražská and Na Šibeníku stops in Olomouc, but was not reported in Czech media until Tuesday. 

“The 28-year-old, who was not wearing the correct respiratory protection, was advised by a 46-year-old fellow passenger. This infuriated him and he attacked the man, with several punches to the face,” said police spokesman František Kořínek. A 52-year-old woman came to the defence of the victim, and the attacker punched her once.

On arrival, police officers carried out a breathalyzer test on the man. With a value of 2.3 ‘pro mile’ of alcohol, he was arrested on the spot.

The attacker may face up to two years in prison for disorderly conduct, according to Kořínek.

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