Filharmonie Brno To Perform From The Old Town Hall Tonight, and In Zelny Trh On May 25th

After a break of almost two months, Filharmonie Brno is starting to perform in public again. As part of the “Thanks to Brno!” campaign, organized by Brno City Council to thank residents for managing the recent weeks of quarantine, the orchestra will play two unusual concerts in the city center. Title photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, May 8 (BD) – The first concert will take place this Friday, May 8th at 7pm on the tower of the Old Town Hall. Five brass players from the philharmonic will present so-called tower music, in a 20-minute performance, complemented by the national anthem to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II.

The second concert will take place on Monday, May 25th, on the roof of Trznice, the indoor market on Zelny trh. Nine cellists will perform works by Vivaldi, Mahler, Rossini and others in an approximately 40-minute program. Harpist Dominika Svozilová will accompany them for one composition.

Photo: Courtesy of Filharmonie Brno.

A large screen in Zelny trh will show the cellists playing on the roof from 7pm. “This concert is not only a thank you, but also an invitation to our 65th season, tickets for which go on sale that day,” said Filhamonie Brno director Marie Kučerová.

Both events will be broadcast live on the Facebook pages of the City of Brno and Filharmonie Brno, so people can also watch from home.

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