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One pillar of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe’s Value Proposition is Work-Life fit. Today we had a talk with Diana, one of the employees involved in the Health Community and responsible for yoga and stretching lessons.

What is your role in this project? Who do you cooperate with?

I am responsible for the organization of the lessons. I arrange the date with lecturers and provide sports equipment. I also try to make the lessons more enjoyable for my colleagues. My biggest support is my colleague Maria who gave me trust, and I took over the entire organization and agenda.

What do the yoga and stretching lessons look like?

The stretching lesson lasts 30 minutes, we focus on the stretching of the entire body. Employees who sit all day by the computer appreciate it very much. The yoga session lasts 45 minutes, we practice breathing, stretching, and it also includes final relaxation.

Do you plan to extend the project portfolio with other activities?

Along with stretching and yoga classes, the company offers massage sessions, football, and we also took part in various marathons and runs. We do not plan any further activities at the moment, but that does not mean it cannot change. We are open to fresh ideas and our colleagues can always contact us and discuss their wishes or suggestions.

In connection with the current exceptional situation, stretching and yoga classes are taking place online. I consider this a significant opportunity for employees not to miss this benefit! How did this idea come up and what is the feedback from colleagues?

DTSE CZ did not want employees to lose the opportunity to join the yoga or stretching lessons even in this exceptional situation, so the management came up with the idea to do it online. This idea inspired us, and we discussed with our lecturer, who was very positive about it. I hope this fulfilled my colleagues’ expectations and they were excited about the opportunity to work out or enjoy a moment of relaxation at home.

How would you motivate colleagues who haven’t tried the activities yet to join the next session?

Everyone must find the motivation to try. However, I can tell colleagues they will not regret it once they will try. Perhaps they will find another goal or hobby in their lives. And this would be a follow-up to a motivational quote from Brian Tracy: “Take the first step – that’s what differentiates the winners from the losers.” So who am I going to meet at the next lesson?

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