Surplus Food from Brno Schools Helps Those in Need

Czech schools are currently closed as part of the anti-coronavirus measures, along with their canteens, many of which have leftover raw ingredients and foods which are due to expire. Thanks to a new initiative, this food will not end up in the bin, but will be handed over to food banks and kitchens that prepare lunches for senior citizens. Title photo: Freepik.

Brno, Apr 16 (BD) – “I called on Brno elementary and nursery schools to donate food that had to be used or would expire soon. A delivery service will transport the food free of charge to a food bank to be distributed to people in need, such as single mothers, homeless people, and so on,” said First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL).

Raw materials stored in school kitchens in large amounts are also being delivered to kitchens preparing lunch for the elderly. “I am very pleased about this initiative. It not only helps the elderly, but also uses raw materials that would otherwise be thrown away unnecessarily. I would also like to thank the volunteers helping deliver the food. At the same time, I want to appeal to the public: If you have food at home that you are not using, donate it to a food bank,” added Hladík.

The Food Bank for Brno and the South Moravian Region was established in 2014, with storage space on Řípská. The aim of the project is to collect, store and distribute surplus food to organizations working with poor and socially excluded people. The Brno Food Bank also places FoodBoxes in selected supermarkets across the region, where shoppers can donate food which is then picked up regularly.

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