Weather Report: Unusually Warm Weather Expected Over Easter

Generally pleasant spring temperatures between 16-23°C and mostly clear skies are expected to stay all week across the whole country. Photo Credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Apr 7 (BD) – Temperatures in the Czech Republic this week will remain above the usual average for April, which is just 9.6°C. The coldest April on record was in 1982, with an average temperature of 5.7°C, and the hottest was in 2018, with 15°C. Sunny days with temperatures of between 16-20°C are forecast this week in most Czech regions.

Tuesday afternoon will see very warm weather conditions with clear skies and temperatures averaging 18°C in Brno. Temperatures will fall to 4°C at night. Good news for all gardeners is that night temperatures shouldn’t drop below zero in the next 10 days.

Wednesday and Thursday will be even warmer, as temperatures could climb to 22°C in the afternoon. Sunday will be the hottest day of the week, with temperatures of 23°C in Brno.

Sunday will be partially cloudy in the evening, leading into Monday’s occasional showers and thunderstorms with an average temperature of 15°C.

Regardless of the warm weather, people are still advised to adhere to social-distancing regulations and stay safe at home.

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