Vending Machines Selling Face Masks and Other Medical Equipment Installed Around Brno

At the weekend a vending machine selling facemasks (“rouškomat”) was installed at the office of the Brno-Řečkovice City District. More machines were added by the City of Brno on Wednesday. In Řečkovice, the vending machine was filled with masks made by volunteers. The new machines will sell medical supplies and will be available across the whole city. Photo credit: MMB.

Brno, Apr 2 (BD) – Face masks, disinfection gel, gloves, and other medical equipment can now be bought from special medical vending machines installed across the city on Wednesday. “We have identified locations for the vending machines so they are easily accessible to all inhabitants of the city, and at the same time meet the necessary technical requirements, such as the possibility of connecting the machines to electricity, etc.,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková.

Photo credit: MMB

The new designated locations are:

  • Malinovského náměstí tram stop;
  • Joštova “info-stand”; 
  • Brno Transport Company headquarters (DPMB) at Novobranská 18;
  • Mendlovo náměstí;
  • Bystrc Zoo bus stop;
  • Merhautova terminal station;
  • Ticket booth at Stará Osada; 
  • Zvonařka bus station;
  • “U Grandu” bus station on Benešova.
Photo credit: MMB

The machines will be regularly restocked and the products updated according to the market situation. The medical equipment will be sold by Batist Medical, a.s., in cooperation with Pick Up 24 hodin, a.s.

Another “rouškomat” was installed by Avion shopping centre. Credit: AVION Shopping Park.

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