City of Brno’s Covid-19 Information Hotline To Be Expanded Due To High Public Demand

The hotline received around 500 calls last week, seeking information or assistance with shopping. In light of this high public demand, the city is expanding the service to open for longer with more operators, now also at weekends. Title graphic by MMB.

Brno, Mar 31 (BD) – Last week the City of Brno launched a “Covid-19 Information Hotline”, designed as a one-stop shop for Brno residents unsure who to contact for advice, support, or other enquiries during the emergency lockdown. The hotline is available at 800 140 800. The operators are able to deal with requests from senior citizens or others with limited mobility for assistance with shopping for essential goods, or answer any general enquiries from the public about the emergency measures or where to find important information or services. They can also take calls from members of the public wishing to offer help, whether voluntary or commercial.

The hotline has already been a great success, receiving around 100 calls a day last week. Half of the calls were from vulnerable residents requesting help with shopping, and half were seeking other information or offering to help out. In light of this high demand, the city has now expanded the service, which is now available from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and from 9am to 1pm at weekends. More operators have been added to the service to ensure that emergency calls are always able to get through. English-speaking operators are also available throughout the hotline’s opening hours.

Assistance with shopping is organized by the city’s Department of Social Care, in cooperation with volunteers from the Czech Red Cross and Masaryk University. Orders are delivered on the next working day.

For reliable information in English about available services, current emergency measures, or for general questions about the current situation, you can contact the Brno Expat Centre. The BEC website also includes an Expat Guide to the Pandemic. The official City of Brno coronavirus information page is also available in English.

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