Dancing Cows and Fruit in Tesco on Dornych Drew Shoppers’ Attention To Non-Dairy Alternatives

On Saturday, activists dressed as cows and fruit started a ‘disco party’ in the Tesco supermarket on Dornych. The protesters danced in the aisles, and one of the cows strapped itself to a shelf of dairy products. Photo credit: Animal Rebellion / Facebook.

Brno, Mar 12 (BD) –  According to news outlet Brněnský deník, the ‘party’ ended after a few minutes with the arrival of the police, who negotiated with the activists to finish their action without any intervention. “The whole event took place in a positive atmosphere; passers-by stopped to photograph the dancing fruit, and smiles appeared on the faces of the staff. Upon their departure, they bought some oat milk,” wrote organizers from Animal Rebellion Česká Republika on Facebook after the event.

Animal Rebellion activists dancing in Tesco. Photo credit: Animal Rebellion / Facebook.

While some of the customers were amused, and recorded the dancing cows, strawberries, avocados and bananas on their phones, not everyone approved of the quirky event, shaking their heads at the protesters. “I am 90 years old, but I haven’t seen this in all my life,” one surprised bystander told Brněnský deník.

The action was part of the event “Occupy Arla”. Similar happenings took place on Saturday in London, Stockholm, Cologne and Amsterdam.

Animal Rebellion activists in Tesco. Photo credit: Animal Rebellion / Facebook.

Animal Rebellion is an offshoot of the UK-based environmental movement Extinction Rebellion. Their website informed members and supporters about Saturday’s event, which was organized with the aim of “shutting down Europe’s largest dairy distributor” – Arla, a Scandinavian multinational cooperative. “A just and sustainable plant-based food system is necessary and inevitable. We cannot address the climate emergency without addressing the animal emergency,” stated the group on their website.

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