Case Study: Employer Branding at DTSE CZ

Photo credit: Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic.

“Unlimited opportunities for your growth to make an impact on customers and colleagues,” says the new career page of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic.

This is the further developed People proposition that the company has introduced to reflect its employer branding strategy. Main reason is to encourage employees and candidates to think in depth about what the working place with DTSE CZ can offer them personally and professionally and open the right mindset for shaping the future of the company.

“The sentence summarizes a journey started in 2019 and aims at transferring the message that we are not just another employer in the business services sector, in connection to the fact that we are the company of opportunities,“ told us Michelangelo Ischia, DTSE CZ employee involved in the project, whom we had the pleasure to interview.

Can you tell us more about the proposition?

Creating an environment that promotes opportunities for personal growth would not be possible without a strong leadership mindset that stands behind it. We believe everyone can drive the change. And we play a key role in enabling it. That is why supporting our people is a core part of our business. From our generous benefits to development programs, we constantly focus on empowerment.

How did you develop the proposition and what was the thinking behind your approach?

We did not want it to be something put together centrally and then communicated out from there. One key to making it a success was finding the right stakeholders, people who know the talents, HR, and managers who nurture and support the talent of our employees. Bringing many perspectives into the project has helped the results to gain acceptance and build the right mentality throughout our organization.

How do you support the proposition?

When we think about all offers and programs to our teams, we refer to a platform thinking. There are plenty of opportunities which a proactive approach of our people can unlock. The only way to figure it out is to try; we want people to proactively take responsibility and pursue their dreams.

As enablers, we launched over the last year various programs such as Job Rotation, Bring your own project, the Internal Trainer or our Learning HUB. But a fundamental aspect is the employee participation and recognition. The promotion of an innovative environment with space for experimenting and shaping new services offers opportunities to be accountable for own career and outcomes from day 1.

How are you looking to take the employer branding campaign forward and keep it fresh?

The proposition represents a great starting point for encouraging potential candidates to think about what our company is really about. We look forward to candidates, who have the attitude and aspirations that would fit in well with our culture and objectives. The brand-new campaign #dtseczpeople, with stories from our employees, running on our social media and our website, gives a unique chance to candidates to learn directly from DTSE CZ people on how taking the opportunities enabled them personally and professionally.

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