Brno To Invest Over CZK 2 Billion In Infrastructure in 2020

Major projects scheduled for this year in Brno include the continuation of the Plotní tramline, the last phase of long-term work on the sewerage system, and the commencement of work on the tram extension to Campus in Bohunice (title visualisation by DPMB).

Brno, Feb 26 (BD) – “This year, the city plans to invest CZK 2.143 billion in transport and technical infrastructure. The biggest projects in terms of cost are the last phase of Brno’s sewer system, the tramline on Plotní, the extension of the tramline to the Bohunice campus, and the construction of the outer city ring road on Žabovřeská,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “Over 29 kilometers of sewers and 5 kilometers of water mains will be built, in six neighborhoods. Also this year, three kilometers of steam pipelines will be replaced by hot water pipelines,” she added.

Markéta Vaňková also highlighted that the authorities would be trying to coordinate the work as far as possible: “For example, water and gas repairs to Bohunická were completed at the same time, while the public lighting was adjusted. There has been similar cooperation in Lužánecká, Solniční, Česká, Opletalova, and elsewhere.”

There were also a number of renovation projects announced for tram tracks around the city, including: Merhautova (between Jugoslavská and Provazníkova, starting on March 1); Veveří (between Jana Uhra and Žerotínovo nám.); the section of tramline between Vídeňská and the Central Cemetery; the line between the zoo and the loop at Rakovecká in Bystrc; and the loop at Komárov. Most of these projects will be completed during the summer holidays, and the total cost of all the reconstruction will be around CZK 0.75 billion.

Solniční. Photo Credit: MMB.

Last but not least, the Mayor assured residents that they would be kept fully informed of all possible information: “We will continue to do our utmost to inform the public about planned construction work, and any transport changes or road closures traffic and closures. The website is kept continuously updated, and we will again publish information via radio spots and social networks.”

The infrastructure projects to start or continue this spring include:

Projects to start Start Expected impact on transport Extra info / interesting facts
Extension of the tramline to campus in BohuniceMarchCZK 1.4 billionNo closures or changes planned
Outer City Ring Road – Žabovřeská IIScheduled to start in Spring -will be postponed.*
Will take 195 weeks.
CZK 1.85 billionMedium – difficultA neo-Gothic chapel built in 1884 close to the route (tunnel entry) will be renovated.
Tomkovo náměstí and Rokytova2020 until  Dec 2023CZK 2.18 billionMedium – difficult
Grass tracks and renovation work in Nové Sady Jun-Sep 2020CZK 46 millionTram services will not run here during summer.Grass tracks will reduce noise and dust in the area.
Merhautova – repair of tram track and road surfaceMarch 1 – Jun 2020CZK 114 millionClosed for public and private transport.Repairs will reduce tram noise and drivers will welcome the new roads. Necessary repairs to part of the sewer and water supply system will also be carried out from April.
Veveří – repair of tram tracksJun – Aug 2020CZK 60 millionTram services will not run here in Jul-Aug 2020
Last phase of sewerage system in BrnoMarch 2, 2020 – Apr 2022CZK 1.1 billionNo estimate availableIn the following districts: Bosonohy, Líšeň, Maloměřice a Obřany, Brno-jih and Tuřany 
Replacement of steam pipelines with hot water pipelines – Poříčí, PolníStarted last October; this year’s phase will finish in October 2020.CZK 58 millionLimited lanes, limited parking; the road will however remain open for cars.The cycle path on Bakalovo nábřeží will be closed, with an alternative detour route.
Replacement of steam pipelines with hot water pipelines – Lazaretní, KosmákovaOct 2019 – Dec 2020CZK 50.7 millionComplete closure of Rakovecká
Bítešská – repair and reconstruction of culvertsJul–Aug/2020CZK 2.2 millionMinor transport restrictions, no closures
Main roads in Brno – removal of defects in road drainage – Božetěchova, Skácelova, Palackého tř. and KosmovaApr–Jun 2020CZK 5.8 millionNo estimate available
I / 42 Brno – Opuštěná – repairs to road surfaceJul–Aug 2020CZK 12 millionSeparate lane closures keeping traffic flowing
I / 43 Brno – Královo Pole – slip road modificationMay-Jul 2020CZK 5 millionLow

*The commencement of the Žabovřeská II construction project has been affected by the decision of the Anti-Monopoly Office to cancel the contractor’s tender. The start of the construction will be delayed, and the city must now decide how to respond to this decision and what the next steps will be.

Merhautova today. Photo Credit: TMA.
Projects to continueEnd / durationExpected impact on transport Extra info / interesting facts
Tramline on PlotníEnd: 2021Whole project – CZK 1.2 billionMedium-difficult
Outer Ring Road – Žabovřeská IEnd: Sep 2021CZK 311 millionMedium-difficultThe service road for early use at the closure of a part of Žabovřeská will come into operation.
Enlargement of Pisárky DepotEnd: Aug 2020CZK 412 millionLowNew glass wall at the depot will give people a chance to watch the work inside.
LužáneckáJun 2019 – Oct 2020CZK 76 millionThe street is completely closed.The aim is to repair the original sewer system from the 19th century.
BohunickáSep 2019 – Nov 2020CZK 81 millionTraffic restrictions on Bohunická, Řehákova and Pražákova
Solniční I, Česká II, OpletalovaMar 2020 – May 2021
CZK 90 millionLowWork on sewer and water supply systems is partly done underground and partly through an open trench.
ViničníJul 2019 – Nov 2020CZK 74.9 millionNot available.Repairs of sewer and water supply carried out in coordination with road repairs.
Reconstruction of roundabout crossing Charbulova -Řehořova-Húskova-ŠtolcovaMar–Dec 2020CZK 16 millionAlternative detour routes will be available.After completion, a sixth exit onto Řehořova will be added to the existing 5-exit roundabout (including the entrance to the psychiatric hospital) 
II / 374 Brno, Fryčajova streetApr– Dec 2020CZK 33.2 millionSeparate lane closures keeping traffic flowingReconstruction of two bridges and adjacent roads on the border of Maloměřice and Obřany.
II/373 Brno, Bělohorská StreetJul 2020 – Nov 2021CZK 81.8 millionNot availableReconstruction of the road, including two bridges on the border of the city districts of Židenice and Slatina.
Veveří. Photo Credit: MMB.

Brno residents should also take into account a number of smaller construction projects which will also be underway in 2020:

Obvodová – construction work in the section between Zoo and the Rakovecká loop (July to August 2020)

Vídeňská – reconstruction of the tram lines on the Central Cemetery loop and entrance tracks (Sep-Oct 2020)

Komárov loop – during the period of tram closure for the work on the Plotní tramline, the loop and adjacent sidewalks will be reconstructed (Sep-Nov 2020)

Ostravská junction (lines 8 and 10) – work to increase safety and signaling in all directions at level crossing (until 30 April 2020)

Other smaller planned works on sewer and water supply systems will take place in conjunction with ongoing construction projects with no further effect on public or private transport.

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