ANO Retains Poll Lead With ODS Second After Slight Increase, According To New Median Poll

A new voting intention survey from Median indicates that the governing ANO movement still has the support of just under one third of Czech voters, despite Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s legal troubles. Statistics by Median.

Brno, Feb 18 [updated: 13:48] (BD) – ANO, the governing party led by Andrej Babis, is still holding a commanding lead in Czech voter intention polls, with 30% support from those surveyed by pollster Median. The second and third places have been held by ODS and Pirati since the last election, and the trend continues, with ODS on 14%, and Pirati on 11%. 

According to the poll, other parties represented in the parliament after new elections would include the Communist Party (8%), the far-right SPD (7.5%), and the centre-left Social Democrats (7%). Three other parties are hovering around the 5% threshold: the Mayors and Independents party (STAN), the liberal TOP 09, and the Christian Democrats. All other parties would fail to enter the parliament.

The poll suggests that support for ANO has not been significantly affected by the resumption of the criminal investigation into Babis’s financial affairs, the release of the European Commission’s audit of his use of European subsidies, or subsequent anti-government demonstrations organised by Million Moments.

A separate poll released on the same day by STEM, the second largest Czech polling agency, found similar results for ANO, but had the second and third parties’ figures reversed, with Pirati on 13.6% and ODS on 9.8%.

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