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Road Crossing at Junction of Poříčí and Rybářská To Be Rebuilt To Improve Pedestrian Safety

The new CZK 8.5 million investment plan approved by City Councillors last week will involve the complete reconstruction of the road crossing, to make the route safer for pedestrians seeking to cross the river. The footbridge is still closed following a serious traffic accident at the site last November, and is due to be replaced by a new bridge which is part of broader renovation plans for the riverside. Photo: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Feb 13 (BD) – Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), City Council Member for Transport, explained the plans: “The work will include expanding the entrance to Rybářská to three lanes, adjusting the existing pavement and building a new one. The sidewalks and pedestrian crossings will be newly accessible, with dividing islands on the road. The intersection will now be controlled by traffic lights.”

The Svratka footbridge, connecting Poříčí with Táborský nábřeží, is closed following a serious traffic accident near the pedestrian crossing in November last year, at the instruction of the South Moravian Region. A new footbridge is planned as part of the flood protection measures currently under construction, located slightly upstream and with its ramp following the outer lane of Poříčí, where there is currently no pavement. To enable safe crossing, it will be necessary to create a pedestrian waiting area at the end of the footbridge where those crossing can wait for the green light.

The project will need to be coordinated not only with the construction of flood protection measures, but also with the Mendel Plaza development project and the Rybářka multifunctional complex. According to Kratochvil, the reconstruction could begin next year.

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