Police Dog Instrumental In Downfall of Aggressive Černá Pole Mugger

One aggressive mugger was no match for South Moravia Police Department’s canine branch, as evidence provided by a police dog led directly to incriminating footage that landed him in police custody. Photo / Video: Policie ČR / YouTube.

Brno, Jan 29 (BD) – A robber who carried out two muggings in Černá Pole last week was brought down following an intervention from one of South Moravia Police Department’s expert police dogs. The man attempted to rob an elderly woman of her handbag, and when she resisted, he threw her to the ground and took the handbag by force.

When the crime was reported, a police search began, also involving a police dog and its handler, but the perpetrator could not be found.

The man committed another robbery in the same place later that day, but this time police officers were ready and managed to catch him. On questioning, however, the man denied involvement in the previous incident and claimed to have an alibi. However, he was no match for the canine detective.

According to police spokesman David Chaloupka: “Detectives did not want to accept his story. Then, after a tip-off from the dog handler about the man’s escape route, the following day they managed to find camera recordings of him trying to escape the scene after his crime. His alibi was destroyed, and the suspect ended up in police custody.”

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