Brno Parking Permits Now Available Via Online Platform Brno iD

The managing of residential parking permits is the latest feature to be added to the online portal, which allows residents to manage various municipal services simply by logging into one single account. Photo: BD.

Brno, Jan 13 (BD) – For many Brno residents, it will now be easier to obtain parking permits for areas which fall under the residential parking system. Following requests from Brno residents, the city has integrated the parking permit system with Brno iD, the city’s online services platform. It will therefore be possible for residents to manage everything online by logging into their single account at Brno iD, and they will no longer have to attend the office in person. 

Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková (ODS) welcomed the new feature: “We were contacted by many Brno citizens who were interested in connecting this system with Brno iD. We decided to accommodate them by adding this service to a single city account. In one place, they will be able not only to manage parking permits, but also pay the municipal waste fee, purchase tickets for public transport, and also entry to some Brno sports facilities.”

Brno iD website is fully accessible in English as well as Czech.

The parking permit system is just the latest in several municipal services to be added to Brno iD, and according to Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), the city is planning to expand the platform further: “From a single account, people can already do a whole lot of things for which they previously had to go personally to the appropriate office and queue at the counter. In this way, we are trying to simplify access to urban services and reduce the time that people have to spend on administrative matters. In the future, we plan to continue to expand this city account.” 

Until now, residents wishing to register for paid parking permits had to set up a separate personal user account, which required visiting the office in person. “Now they will be able to set them up in a few minutes. People who already have personal accounts will be able to link them to their Brno iD accounts, which is an easy way for them to do more in one place and with one login,” explained Council Member for Transport Petr Kratochvíl (ODS). Personal user accounts are necessary for the electronic processing of parking permits. Even people who do not own a car can access this service, according to Kratochvíl: “For example, parking permits for visitors can be obtained by using these accounts. This is useful even if they do not have a car themselves, as it will allow traders, family and others to park in the area.”

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