Purchase of New Trains Will Be South Moravian Region’s Biggest Investment in 2020

The South Moravian Region approved its budget for next year yesterday. The biggest investment included in the budget will be CZK 0,5 billion towards the purchase of 37 new trains. The budget, with a planned deficit of around CZK 1 billion, was approved by 53 regional deputies, with five abstaining. No deputies voted against the budget proposal. Photo: Brno railway station. Credit: Brno Daily. For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Dec 13 (BD) – The approved budget of the South Moravian Region for 2020 is CZK 12 billion. Around CZK 3 billion will go to other transport and road repairs. About CZK 1 billion will be spent on health, and the same on education.

The budget deficit will be covered by loans and surpluses from previous years.

The investments and renovation projects in the budget with the largest funding allocation include:

  • Reconstruction and repair of roads and bridges (CZK 174 million),
  • Property purchases provided by the Property Department (CZK 30 million),
  • Renovation of Vyškov Hospital (CZK 110 million),
  • First stage of renovation of Tišnov Hospital (CZK 47 million),
  • Renovation of Žerotínovo nám. 1 and 3 and Cejl 73 in Brno (CZK 50 million),
  • Project preparation for investment projects by SUS JMK (Roads Administration and Management) (CZK 40 million),
  • Ludvík Daněk sports hall in Brno (CZK 100 million),
  • Reconstruction of the premises of Hapalova Secondary School in Brno (CZK 137.679 million).

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