Police Called To City Centre Workplace In Latest Brno Ventilation Altercation

After police were called to an incident on a bus in September, which started in a disagreement over an open window, a new ventilation-related incident required police attention on Saturday night at a commercial building in Brno city centre. Photo: Stock pictures / Freepik. For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Dec 11 (BD) – The dispute on Saturday evening involved two men aged 29 and 33, employees of two different companies occupying office space in the same building in Brno city centre. The men got into an argument about whether to close a door in the building’s common area, or leave it open for ventilation. As the argument escalated, the younger man phoned the police, alleging that the older man had knocked his phone from his hand during the incident, cracking the screen and causing thousands of crowns’ worth of damage.

According to police spokesman Pavel Svab, “The other man confirmed to the officers that the cell phone had fallen to the ground, but denied fault. According to the owner, the damage greatly exceeded CZK 5,000, so the case was handed over to the national police.”

This is not the first time recently that ventilation has caused conflict in Brno. In September, police were called to an incident on a bus that began when two passengers couldn’t agree whether the bus window should be left open or closed. (Read more in our previous article: “Police called to ventilation altercation on Brno bus”.)

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