Looking for the Perfect Present? Brno Daily Writers Offer Some Ideas

For some people, finding the perfect gift is easy and fun. For others, it is difficult and stressful. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

This article offers some present ideas for all types of relationships: grandmothers/grandfathers, mothers/ fathers, wives/husbands, daughters/sons, longtime girlfriends/boyfriends, short-time girlfriends/boyfriends, neighbors, colleagues, buddies. May it help to mitigate the stress of gift-buying and help you get the job done well before the day before Christmas Eve. 

Some ideas will need a bit more research on your part. Many are available in Brno’s Christmas markets, including naměstí Svobody and Zelný trh and Dominikánské náměstí and Moravské náměstí.

Christmas Markets

Christmas market on náměstí Svobody. Credit: KK / Brno Daily.

The Christmas market has gifts for everyone. From traditional Czech handmade wooden toys for very young children to cosy sheepskin slippers for grandparents. There are also sellers of designer stationery; beautiful notebooks and matching pens which are perfect for all ages.

— Charles du Parc

Brno Tourism

The Brno Tourist Information Centre (Panenská 1 or Radnická 8) is not just for tourists. 

It is a good place to load up on stuff that proudly bears the name or our city. Shirts and clothes. Pexeso memory games with Brno landmarks. Maps. Books. Magnets.

Photo: At the TIC, 2018 / BD.

Get stuff with the Chronometer on it. Be proud! It’s our Eiffel Tower…

— Bruno Zalubil


It may seem like an easy way out but if you have Czech in-laws I find that I never go wrong with food for gifts, particularly the Christmas food from Marks & Spencers. If you can survive the trip to Olympia there are usually some good discounts a few days before the 24th.

Photo: Pexels.

Recently recommended to me by a friend, and I am about to try it, is www.pepperfield.cz, which apparently does the best white, red and black pepper in the Czech Republic. My first impressions are that it isn’t very cheap but it looks good. Let me know if you try it.

— Lily-Anne Young


For all types of Alcohol, try Dios, – značkové nápoje (vinoteka.dios.cz) in Alfa Pasáž. They have a great selection of Czech and international drinks in miniatures, which can be taken in hand baggage when you fly. They also do a wide range of specialist foods — ideal for hampers and gift boxes.

— du Parc


Another recommendation is www.hras.cz. If you or your friends/family love games, puzzles and the likes then you can find it all here. Although they are only slightly cheaper than mainstream shops, it will save you from traipsing round the shops which, if you are like me at all, is a godsend.

— Young

Hot Air Balloon Rides

When the weather gets nice, the sky over Brno fills with dollops of color that float slowly across the sky. Perhaps it is time to see why so many of those balloons cruise over Brno. One self-serving positive is that, as the gift-giver, you may be invited. 

Click here to read an article that BrnoDaily.com published. Otherwise, do a quick Google search for “Hot Air Balloon Brno”. 

— Zalubil


There are many local places to get skydiving off of a bucket list, if, in fact, jumping from an airplane is something that your gift recipient actually wants to do. 

Do a Google search for “Skydiving Brno”. Most of the top companies have English-language websites. It’s up to you to pick the one that appears the most safe. 

— Zalubil


Get the right theatrical experience for your loved one and you create a memory that will last much longer than clothes or flowers.

Photo: Faust. Courtesy of NdB.

Brno is blessed to have a packed schedule of performances, including ballet, opera and English-subtitled plays. And that is only through Narodni divadlo Brno, the National Theatre of Brno, which operates three of the most famous theatres. There are also many other offerings throughout the city. 

Click here to see the BrnoDaily article about the December NdB highlights. 

Go to www.ndbrno.cz/?lang=2 for the full schedule and ticket information, in English.

— Zalubil


For kids, Krtek is a classic “Czech” toy. The black and grey mole, which was created by Zdeněk Miler, is available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and on all sorts of different things.

— Zalubil

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