Video: Heavily-Intoxicated Drivers Caught By Police In Two Separate Incidents

Two drivers decided to get behind the wheel while heavily under the influence of alcohol on Thursday night. In both cases, their erratic behaviour put themselves and the public in danger, and they both ended up getting arrested. Photo: Policie CR.

Brno, Nov 18 (BD) – The first incident began around an hour after midnight, when police tried to pull over a Peugeot in Lisen. When he saw the lights, the 21-year-old driver stepped on the gas and tried to lose the police patrols in the streets of Lisen.

Police spokesman Petr Vala described what happened next: “Apparently due to alcohol intoxication, the driver was unable to control the vehicle 100%,  and repeatedly mounted the sidewalks. It was only when his escape route was blocked by a patrol car that the chase ended. Even after that, the driver and his 22-year-old passenger refused to get out of the car. The sight of the police officer’s gun finally made them cooperate.” Officers subsequently discovered that the driver was driving without a license, and with faulty technical controls, and his breathalyzer tests showed readings of 1.54 and 1.66 per mille [promile in Czech]. 

A second incident occurred later that same night in Bystrc. When police noticed a Citroen moving erratically, they decided to check on the driver. First contact with the 27-year-old man confirmed that they were right to do so; the driver admitted without hesitation that he was drinking for the third day in a row, and before driving that night he had drunk half a litre of vodka and some wine. Breath tests only confirmed his story, with readings of 3.11 and 3.02 per mille.

Both men are now under investigation for causing the threat of an offence by driving while intoxicated.

Video: Police CR / You Tube.

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