What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°44

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?” – Where every Sunday, we offer you an overview of events in the city over the next week! We only list English-friendly events, unless otherwise mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Oct 27 (BD) – October is nearly over, but there are still plenty of interesting events to come before it finally says goodbye. Highlights of next week include the high-octane adrenaline surf movies of the Brno Surf Film Festival; historical exhibitions such as Brno and the Battle of Austerlitz and Inca Treasure; and an orchestra for classical music lovers and many more. You can find all our suggestions for the coming week in this article. 

The week begins with a public historical exhibition called Brno and the Battle of Austerlitz (Brno a Bitva u Slavkova) which will take you back to old Brno and its historical side. You will have the chance to watch troops marching on foot and horseback around the city center. The event is accompanied by commemorative and cultural programs to mark the end of the coalition wars. Check out the Facebook page (in Czech) for a full program schedule of this event.

Photo: Brno Daily.

If you often find yourself thinking about what life would be like in Utopia, then you shouldn’t miss the Karel Malich & Utopian Projects exhibition on Tuesday at Fait Gallery, a night full of art and mind-bending ideas. The exhibition is about the future vision of states, cities and buildings in the context of urbanisation, and presents the astounding art of Karel Malich, a utopian artist who has been collecting visions and ideas for this project since the 1960s. This exhibition is free to attend. Click here (in English and Czech) to find more information. 

Fan of classical music? Then Hana Holišová & The New Time Orchestra at Sono will definitely be one of the highlights of your week. At this concert you will get hooked on the mix of mysterious classical music with modern musical compositions, funky rhythms, and elements of popular Czech hits. Hana Holišová, an excellent singer who has been working exclusively with the orchestra since its inception, will move your body and soul with beautiful melodies. Find further information about the concert here (in Czech).

Halloween is not just a creepy party; you can also take a tour of the second largest ossuary in Europe, right here in Brno, called Halloween in the Ossuary with Hang Out, to learn more about the mysterious history of St. James Church. Guided tours are available in English for private groups at CZK 200/student or CZK 250/adult. Find more information here (in English) and get ready to hang out with the dead on October 31st! 

Photo: Brno Ossuary. Credit: Michal Ruzicka, TIC – courtesy of Brno Ossuary.

Interested in Inca culture? Then don’t miss the Inca Treasure (Poklad Inků výstava Brno) exhibition, where you can find out lots of fascinating facts about Inca society during the Spanish invasion of South America. The heritage of Inca culture from the region of modern-day Peru will be exhibited for the first time in Brno at the exhibition centre with many original artifacts and pieces. Find more information here (in English and Czech) and come check out the exhibition starting from November 1st. 

There is another film festival kicking off on Friday November 1st. The Brno Surf Film Festival 2019 will present the best of this year’s surf cinema at Kino Art. The festival is great for foreigners as most of the films will be screened with English subtitles. To find out more about the film program and watch the trailers, click here (in Czech). To find out more information about the event, check this link (in Czech). 

Want to practise Czech? The Czech Conversation Evening VII, on Friday November 1st, is an event designed for foreigners living in Brno to meet friends and chat, with the purpose of practising Czech language. This is an event for those who are taking Czech courses and would like to practice more outside class. No matter what level you are, you will be welcome at this event. Check the Facebook event (in English) for more information. 

The good news for fans of Japanese anime and “Otaku” in Brno is that the Anime Meeting of Otaku in Brno (Anime Sraz Otaku v Brně) is taking place on Saturday, organised for the second time, by Velvet Kisses. It is time for you, otaku, to leave your computer at home and hang out with people who share your interests. To learn more about the program for this anime meeting, check out this link (in Czech). 

Photo: Animefest 2018. Credit: CG / Brno Daily.

On November 3rd, stop by the Flea Market (Blešák na Flédě / Fléda Flea Market) at Fléda for some shopping. The flea market will return with books, music, media, DIY crafts, board games, jewellery, sports equipment, old toys and other unique objects. Do you feel like sampling tasty foods at the food stand, finding yourself some interesting accessories, or simply people-watching? Click here (in English and Czech) for more information. And if you’re interested in selling, then you might find this form (in Czech) useful.  

Prepared by Tien Dong and Thanasis Papadopoulos.

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