November Conference about Courage Will Feature A Popular Blogger, Business Leaders, and Even a Holocaust Survivor

Photo and text by Konference 360. Title photo: Kristýna, successful blogger with over 120,000 followers.

We’re English-friendly! We love Brno and we would like you, dear foreigners, to feel the same! You’re invited to attend the inspiring Conference 360, which has a goal of promoting positive values, honesty, and changes within yourself and the community we live in.

The event will take place in Semilasso on November 22nd and 28th 2019.

As well as speakers from the fields of business, leadership and personal development, the festival will host speakers including holocaust survivor Erika Bezdickova, and Kristyna, who as a blogger encourages young people to limit the time they spend on social media and promotes life with “no filter”. Although each of our speakers will be unique, the highlight of the event will be Jan Rafaj, Vice Chairman of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, speaking on the topic of “Courage To Values”.

What unites all the speakers is their honesty, their values, and the courage they bring to various areas of their work. Let’s learn from those who have been successful, let’s connect on the same level, let’s enjoy the positive atmosphere, let’s invest in ourselves!

We’re so excited about the fact that the main conference program will be simultaneously translated into English on both evenings. If you are interested, please email us at This year the translation will be available to a limited number of English speakers, so don’t miss it! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Brno Daily provides media support to Conference 360.

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