New Working Group To Promote International Study in Brno

“Study in Brno”, a new working group based on similar projects for Prague and the whole Czech Republic, will bring together stakeholders from various institutions to discuss ways of promoting Brno as a study destination for international students. Photo: Freepik.

Brno, Oct 2 (BD) – The new working group will consist of representatives from Brno universities, the city and the region, the South Moravian Innovation Center and others. The aim is to promote study abroad in Brno, thereby bringing further human resources to the city, contributing to the development of Brno’s knowledge economy, and enhancing the academic environment at Brno’s universities.

The city council approved funding for the working group last week. According to Mayor Marketa Vankova (ODS), “Brno has been building long-term cooperation with universities and is trying to create a favorable environment for their growth, so I welcome the creation of the working group and the idea of ​​the whole project. On behalf of the city, I can promise to be fully involved in the promotion and provision of information material, as well as working to ensure the best possible conditions for the foreign community. I believe this whole project will not only raise the profile and reputation of our universities, but also spread a positive image of Brno and the whole region abroad.”

Second Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti) added some more information about how exactly the working group will operate: “The team in charge of the overall organization of the project will be led by Brno University of Technology’s Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Professor Jiří Hirš, who is also the ambassador of the Municipal Ecosystem for the Scientific Brno section. The task will be to develop a unified marketing strategy working with the “Study in Brno” brand, targeting foreign students and future researchers. In addition to the online space, it is also expected to present at foreign trade fairs.” An application for a subsidy to fund the first year of operation of the 3-5-year project will be submitted to the Ministry of Education in October. The Study in Brno project is inspired by the similar programs “Study in Prague” and “Study in the Czech Republic.”

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