Ministry of Transport Rules That Electric Scooters Cannot Be Ridden On Sidewalks

The ministry was responding to calls for common regulatory standards to be applied to the new electric scooters, after problems in many cities across the country. Photo: Yoyoway scooter in Brno. Credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Czech rep., Oct 1 (BD) – Electric scooters have quickly become a common sight on the streets of many Czech cities, with new companies offering rental services (Read more in our previous story: “Blue Electric Scooters For Shared Rental Use Arrive In Brno”).

Depending on their speed and power, they can be viewed as equivalent to bicycles or motor vehicles. Many pedestrians find the machines irritating or dangerous, and local authorities in Prague 2 District have begun criminal proceedings against operating company Lime for creating a public menace. In response to calls for clear advice, the ministry has issued formal guidance to municipalities on their regulation.

The ministry’s guidance is that if the machine’s speed does not exceed 25km/h and its power output does not exceed one kilowatt, it can be considered a bicycle and thus permitted on cycle paths and in pedestrian zones. If it exceeds either of those measures, the machine can be deemed a motor vehicle; in this case they are not allowed in pedestrian zones and their users must have a driving licence.

Municipalities are allowed to apply stricter regulations, ie. lower maximum speeds or power outputs. However the ministry further ruled that, above all and with whatever specifications, no electric scooters should be used on sidewalks, to ensure safety for pedestrians.

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