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“B16”, One of The World’s Oldest Short Film Festivals, Takes Place in Brno Every Year

Fiction, animation, experimental, student, professional and amateur film: all this and more at the oldest film festival in the Czech Republic. Title image: Brno16 / Facebook.

Brno, Sep 10 (BD) – Short films are a vast source of valuable content that is often overlooked, eclipsed by the feature films in the cinemas. That’s why short film festivals are so important to the cinema world – they highlight the work of hundreds, if not thousands of film-makers from across the global community, and give us a chance to see their visions, experience their perspectives, and very often be moved by their art.

Brněnská 16, Brno 16, has been operating without interruption since 1960, making it the oldest festival of its kind in the Czech Republic. This international short film festival also includes exhibitions, discussions and workshops. The festival promotes interaction between the audience and the filmmakers, giving film buffs a very rare opportunity to talk and discuss with the creators themselves.

“Sixteen” refers to the 16mm film format, which is rarely used now, but was the format of most of the films screened at the festival in the past. Nowadays, most of the competing films are shot and screened in digital formats, and 16mm films appear only in retrospective sections, but the festival has retained its name.

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