Video: Pigs Take Eight Hours To Return To Their Pen After Scattering Across Lužánky Park

On Saturday afternoon, visitors to Lužánky Park saw how fast and agile Vietnamese pigs can be when they have enough space to run and hide. Photo: MP Brno / Facebook.

Brno, Aug 14 (BD) – Four animals escaped from the Brno Public Greenery enclosure in the park shortly after noon. It took many hours to get them all back. 

The Municipal Police catcher and dozens of police officers were on the case, with assistance from firefighters and Public Greenery staff. “Some of the police officers were managing traffic on the busy roads surrounding the park so that the escaped animals would not endanger the drivers of passing vehicles,” said police spokesman Pavel Šoba. Taking shelter in the bushes, the animals were able to stay on the run for hours before they were returned to their enclosure. “One determined pig had to be stopped by a narcotic gunshot from a veterinary doctor,” explained Šoba to the press. The last pig standing was returned to the enclosure after 8 PM.

Video: MP Brno / Facebook.

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