Charlotte And Alice

If you are interested in Czech history, US history, feminism, prison, or mother-daughter relationships, you will love this story.  Photo credit: Masaryk Archives.

Prepared by Anne Johnson.

Brno, Aug 5 (BD) – Charlotte Garrigue was an American who married Tomáš Masaryk in 1878. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk became the founder and first president of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Before he became president, the family endured difficult times – their son Herbert died of typhus, leaving a widow and children; their son Jan was conscripted; their daughter Olga was in exile with her father for their stance against the Austro-Hungarian monarchy; and, in 1915, their older daughter Alice was arrested and threatened with execution for treason.

Charlotte and Alice wrote each other over 200 letters while Alice was imprisoned in Vienna. These letters have been collected and translated into English for a new book coming out at the end of August (Charlotte and Alice). Czech Theater is presenting a dramatized reading of some of the letters, and the book will be available at the performance at a discount for ticket holders.

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Photo Gallery. Source: Masaryk Archives.

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