Additional ‘Park & Ride’ Sites Planned For Lesná and Ostravská

Further strategic sites where “Park and Ride” (P+R) parking lots could be built in the future were discussed by Brno city councillors last week. The council agreed to add new sites at Schwaigrova, Okružní and Ostravská, as well as the original 11 locations, which will be evaluated for feasibility for the construction of car parks. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Aug 2 (BD) – “We will also examine Okružní, which is important not only for Lesná but for the wider area. We will also look at the possibility of building a car park on Ostravská, to be used mainly by people coming from Olomouc. Both streets are located near to public transport stops,” said Petr Kratochvíl, Council Member for Transport. The P+R car park on Schwaigrova will be useful for drivers approaching the city from Bratislava.

Brno plans to build a “park and ride” (P+R) system to reduce urban traffic congestion. Drivers will leave their cars in car parks on the outskirts of Brno, and continue their journey using public transport. In April, Brno City Council approved 11 sites around Brno as possible locations for parking facilities. 

The proposed locations include: Žlutý kopec – Tomešova (284 spaces), Sportovní (465 spaces), the Children’s Hospital in Černá Pole (546 spaces), Bohunice Hospital (2,359 spaces), Purkyňova (610 spaces), Královo Pole Train Station (345 spaces), Veveří – Šumavská (664 spaces), Líšeň – Zetor (220 spaces), Jemelkova (550 spaces), the Milosrdných Bratří Hospital on Polní (120 spaces) and Akademická (500–800 spaces).

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