Photo: Cejl. Credit: ZM / Brno Daily.

Tram Track Repairs Cause Cejl Street Closure

The planned repairs for the tram tracks going through Cejl cause the street to be inaccessible, until the end of summer. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jul 2 (BD) – Due to the wear and tear of the tram tracks going through Cejl street, Brno’s Transport Company (DPMB) have closed down access to the street – both via car and public transportation.

Tram lines 2, 3, 4 and 11 are affected by the closure. Tram 11 will not be running this summer, and passengers will be able to use the replacement bus x11 to access the side streets in the area. The other tram lines have been diverted to other areas.

With Cejl as one of the main roads in the city, the inaccessibility to the street could further worsen the traffic congestion in the city. This is alongside important closures due to roadworks, such as the closures of Husovický tunnel and Zábrdovický bridge.

However, people can look forward to better road conditions at the end of the construction works at Cejl. According to the DPMB, the closure will last until August 30. 

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