Participatory Budgeting: 90 Projects Progress To Next Round After Receiving Public Support

90 out of 114 projects submitted by the public received the required support from the public to go forward to the next stage, which consists of a feasibility study by the council and city districts. Photo credit:

Brno, Jun 15 (BD) – Brno’s participatory budgeting program, Dáme Na Vás, allows members of the public to submit proposals for projects which, if selected by a public vote, will then be funded and implemented by Brno City Council. This year, a record 114 proposals were submitted, with a total cost of CZK 203 million. After an initial stage of public voting, in which the public could show their support by liking the proposals on the program website or adding their signatures in person, the list was reduced to 90. Now those proposals will undergo feasibility studies by the relevant council departments, as well as the city district where they are located, and if accepted will go to a final round of public voting to take place in November. CZK 35 million has been allocated for the winning projects.

Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti) welcomed the public interest in the process: “I am very pleased that the citizens of Brno have shown such an interest in the proposed projects. Most have supported sports activities – playgrounds, skating rinks, cycling – but they have also considered nature. They are revitalizing different places in their surroundings, and they are also interested in sidewalks and parking. They have also supported ideas for disabled and sick children. Anyone can see all the projects in the gallery on the Dáme Na Vás website”.

As the 2019 process progresses, so does work on implementation of last year’s winning suggestions. Participatory budgeting projects have been completed in Řečkovice, Nový Lískovec, Tuřany, Medlánky, and in the city center. The dance tent in Anthropos and the Amphitheatre in Čertova rokle are also close to completion. Other finalists from last year are finishing the project phase and fine-tuning the last details before work commences during the holiday season.

Up-to-date information about the progress of the winning projects or about the feasibility of this year’s ideas can be found on the Dáme Na Vás website or on Facebook.

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