NATO Troops to Pass Through Czechia and South Moravia This Week

The military troops will be passing through Czechia en route to other central and eastern European countries. Photo credit: Dušan Vítů, Ministerstvo obrany ČR / Source: MMB.

Brno, May 20 (BD) – The NATO military convoy will be escorted by the Czech Police, and the Military Police. The troops will be passing through the country between May 24 to May 30, on their way to this year’s Saber Guardian.

Saber Guardian is a military exercise led by the Romanian Land Forces and the United States Army, and will take place this year in various European countries: Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

The NATO troops will be passing through various border towns and checkpoints, including South Moravia’s Břeclav; as well as through former border checkpoints in Czechia: Náchod and Rozvadov.

The first instance wherein the troops will be passing through the country will be between May 24 and May 30, and the troops will return to Czechia en route to their destination once more between June 15 to June 25.

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