Woman Saved By Witnesses During Attempted Sexual Assault In Líšeň

Police are appealing for information after a 26-year-old woman was attacked in an attempted sexual assault at around midnight on April 28 in Sedláčkova street in Brno-Líšeň. A similar attack happened in Líšeň last year. Photo: Police ČR.

Brno, May 16 (BD) – “In the late hours of April 28, the suspect tackled the 26-year-old victim, and attempted to tear her clothes apart. The woman then screamed for help, which attracted the attention of residents in the area. Two men then came rushing to help the victim, which caused the suspect to flee,” David Chaloupka, spokesman of the South Moravian Police, describes the attack.

Yesterday, the South Moravian Police Department released a video of a man who was likely to have witnessed the dramatic events. The man was seen in compiled footage to have been loitering in the area for an extended period of time. “The video shows that the man is a smoker, as he holds a cigarette in his right hand, and a mobile phone with his left hand,” says Chaloupka.

Describing the attire and physical attributes of the witness, Chaloupka says: “He is skinny, and right before the assault, he was wearing a camouflage patterned jacket, and dark trousers. His shoes were a dark color, and its soles were white – however, the footage is in night lighting, so the actual colors may differ in reality.”

The police requests those with any relevant information to contact the information line 158, as it could lead to identifying the unknown man.

The incident follows a similar assault from last summer, when a woman was attacked shortly after getting off a night bus N98 in Sedláčkova, before neighbors were drawn to the scene by her shouts for help and were able to chase the assailant away.


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