More Protests Against Changes in Czechia’s Minister of Justice

Country-wide protests happened for the second time in less than two weeks. The demonstrations still show the dissatisfaction with Andrej Babiš, and his appointment of a new Minister of Justice. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, May 7 (BD) – Yesterday, Brno’s city center was filled with many demonstrators. Gathering at Dominikánské náměstí, the protesters were against the appointment of the new Minister of Justice, Marie Benešová. The cause of the protest echoes last week’s demonstrations, which we reported on our previous story, “Demonstrations Planned Tonight in Czechia Against the Government’s Change in Minister of Justice”.

The change in Czechia’s Minister of Justice was pushed by Andrej Babiš, after the police proposed to press charges against Babiš for fraud. In spite of the protests which happened around the Czech Republic, Marie Benešová was officially appointed the Minister of Justice on April 30. Thus, protesters gathered yet again, to express their disappointment with the Czech government’s changes.

The demonstration was organized by the same organizations from last week’s protests: South-Moravian volunteer association “Together Brno” (Společně Brno), and the country-wide political movement “A Million Moments for Democracy” (Milion chvilek pro demokracii). According to Together Brno, yesterday’s demonstration was attended by around 2,500 people.

These protests are sparked by more developments in the so-called Stork’s Nest (Čapí hnízdo) affair. Together Brno states that they will continue to have protests on Mondays, as long as Marie Benešová remains seated as the Czech Minister of Justice.

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