Five Participants from South Moravia for “Our European Project” Competition

Gathering Czech municipalities, towns, and cities – the competition will be running and gathering votes until May 2. Photo: Alexander’s Lookout Tower in Adamov. / Credit: City of Adamov – Facebook.

Brno, Apr 25 (BD) – 36 municipalities that successfully implemented a project co-financed by European funds have entered the competition. The South Moravian Region is represented by five different projects. Alexander’s Lookout Tower (Alexandrova rozhledna) in Adamov; the renovated main road in Moutnice; a summer camp in Zbraslav; the castle in the village of Miroslav which was renovated; and the modification of the town square in Blížkovice.

“Our European project” involves the public in voting for the most popular project which was funded by the European Union. Competitors are municipalities, towns and city districts that have nominated one completed project in their area.

The aim of the competition is to remind the residents of the benefits from projects which were supported by European funds, for the development of their neighborhood, municipality or town.

The winning project is voted by the general public, who can vote until May 2 by liking the photos of the competitors on the official Facebook page of the European Commission in the Czech Republic.

This competition will decide which municipalities will win a financial contribution to organize a municipal celebration worth over CZK 150,000 and an all-inclusive trip to Brussels.

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