Video: Suicidal Man Saved by Czech Police in Brno

Passers-by on Křenová street in Brno experienced a dramatic situation last Saturday. The man’s plan of jumping off a bridge into Svitava river was hindered by the Czech police officers, who were able to grab him by the hand and bring him to safety. The whole incident was caught on video which the police published yesterday. Photo: Czech Police.

Brno, Apr 24 (BD) – “One of the officers made contact with the man, and managed to gradually gain his trust – the other officers provided wider surroundings, to prevent the man from feeling nervous of the onlookers,” described Pavel Šváb on the tense situation, as a spokesperson for the South Moravian Police Department.

On Saturday evening, police patrols rushed to Křenová street, to stop a man from jumping off the bridge and into the river. The man was standing behind the railings.

The two officers from Židenice department talked to the man and tried to convince him to forego his plans of jumping – they were positioned in a way that one of them could grab the man’s hand easily, if ever he decided to jump. His partner and another assisting officer then helped him  to pull the man into safety. “After the man was brought to safety, he was provided first aid, and was handed over to paramedics,” Šváb concluded.

A police negotiator was present at the scene, along with firefighters who set up a rescue mattress on the river bed as a safety precaution. Police haven’t shared any other details with the public.
Video: Czech Police / YouTube.

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