Tip for Trip: Cyclo-Bus Brno-Vienna to Operate Soon Again

A special cyclobus from Brno to Austrian border will start its operation again this spring. People can use this mode of transportation every Saturday, starting from April 27th. Photo: Courtesy of The Union of Municipalities of the Cycle Path Brno–Vienna.

Brno, Apr 17 (BD) – Also this year, Brno will support the operation of a special cyclobus to the Czech-Austrian border. The bus, which has a special carriage for bikes attached, will allow people make longer-distance trips. The cyclobus runs into the border area on both Moravian and Austrian sides and copies the popular Brno-Vienna cycle path. “Cyclobuses will be free of charge. They will depart from Brno from Vojtova Street 1 (bus stop No. 90),” Jitka Jirků, secretary of The Union of Municipalities of the Cycle Path Brno–Vienna DSO said.

The bus will run every Saturday at 8 AM from Brno and stop at Židlochovice and Pasohlávky. At 5 PM, it will return to the South Moravian metropolis. Some of the buses will have a tourist guides on board. “The schedule of cyclobus terms and the description of the cycling trips will be continuously updated on our website,” Jirků explained.

The cycle path crosses a total of 170 kilometers between Brno and Vienna. The route can be divided into shorter sections as people can get off the cyclobus at several stops. The cycle path passes mainly through the territory of South Moravia and the Lower Austrian Weinviertel.

Cyclists enjoy the region for its flat terrain and interesting destinations that they can visit during their journey.

The Union is currently preparing following trips: Hello Neighbors; Hrušovany – On the Flatland; Mikulovsko – Dunajovické Hills; Land um Laa – Himbeergeist; and Wolkersdorf.

To join the trips on cyclobus requires a registration in advance on brnoviden.cz.

There was a great interest in cyclobuses last year. The City of Brno has approved a subsidy of CZK 100,000 for this year’s cyclobus operation, according to the oficial city’s website.

This year’s cycling season, The Union of Municipalities of the Cycle Path Brno–Vienna will open with a special program on April 27 in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou (More info: here).

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