International Team of Scientists Working In Brno Announces Cancer Breakthrough

The breakthrough, developed by scientists working in Mendel University, relates to the neuroblastoma tumour, which is especially prevalent in infants and very young children. Photo: CEITEC.

Brno, Apr 3 (BD) – The announcement was made by an international team of scientists working in the Lab Cancer Biology and Nanomedicine in Mendel University in Brno, along with colleagues in Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology in Charles University, and University Hospital Motol in Prague. It concerns the discovery of a metabolism pathway which causes the neuroblastoma tumour to be chemoresistant to drugs. This cancerous tumour begins in the nerve tissue of infants, and occasionally also adults.

The scientists involved in the discovery believe that these results could hail a significant step forward in the treatment of cancer. The identification of alterations in specific genes and pathways that contribute to drugs chemoresistance could lead to renewed efforts in the development of novel rational therapeutics and prognostic biomarkers for the management of drugs resistant neuroblastoma. Numerous tests were carried out on laboratory human tumors and also tissue cultures, with positive results that have been published in several international journals and at a Neuroblastoma Conference in San Francisco.

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