Athletics Hall At Campus To Include 170 Parking Spaces

On Wednesday, councilors approved changes to the original plans, which will see a car park added to the forthcoming athletics hall at Campus. Visualization: MMB.

Brno, Mar 15 (BD) – Implementation of the project began on 1 September last year. As part of the contract for the proposed development, the city undertook to ensure that sufficient parking facilities would be provided for users of the athletics hall. It was initially assumed that excess parking capacity at Bohunice Faculty Hospital would be used for this purpose, or another car park adjacent to the site, but it is now clear that these parking spaces are already earmarked for use by other visitors to the area.

As a secure source of parking is required before the development can move to the next stage, the city has therefore approved alterations to the plans to include 170 new parking spaces. According to First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL): “The car park will have 170 parking spaces. Its surface will consist of asphalt and infiltration tiles. A retention tank will also be created, including drainage for retained rainwater. Plants and climbing plants will also be planted here.”

Commenting on the change of plans, David Grund (ODS), council member for investment, said: “We need to address the situation urgently. It is clear that the need to build a car park means additional costs for the city. We just have to deal with it in some way so as not to endanger the construction of the hall.”

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”112″ gal_title=”Visualization of the New Athletics Hall. Credit: MMB.”]

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