The Latest Edition of KAM v Brně/WHERE in Brno is Out Now!

March hit Brno with the fresh smell of spring and you wonder what to do with your free time? A cultural magazine KAM v Brně/WHERE in Brno, especially its English section in the middle, will give you the best tips.

Brno, Mar 5 (BD) – If you are a fan of heavy metal or jazz music or if you are interested in ballet and opera, Brno is the perfect city for you in March. In KAM you will also find a map with the best sights, galeries, theatres, churches and information points.

Just the cover of the magazine is art itself using amazing drawings by Ivana Lévková. In the back of KAM there are programs of the cinemas, music clubs and museums as well, so you will always know how to defeat the “boredom in Brno”.

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