Brno City Council Approves Further Measures To Improve The Safety and Efficiency of Transport in Brno

The newly approved measures are the third phase of a long-term plan to improve Brno’s roads. The first two stages are already being implemented. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Mar 7 (BD) – On Wednesday, Brno City Council approved the submission of a grant application for the third phase of the project “Transport Management and Collection of Transport Data in the City of Brno”. Its aim is to increase safety on Brno’s roads and make transport more efficient. The first two stages of the project are already being implemented. The third stage will include the reconstruction of 15 light signaling devices and the construction of a new signaling system. The total cost of the third phase of the project will be over CZK 134 million.

The aim of the parent project “Development of Transport Telematics in the Years 2015-2020” is to improve the quality of traffic management in the city and to reduce the rate of accidents involving passenger transport. The first stage is currently in progress, and consists of adjusting the layout of certain transport intersections, the development of dynamic control of traffic lights, and modifying the priority system for public transport vehicles when passing through junctions controlled by light signaling devices. The second phase of the project is also being realized. It includes the reconstruction of light signaling devices at various junctions, installation of a camera system, and data transmission. One unsubsidized part of the project is the creation of measuring points on cycle paths, designed to track the number of pedestrians, cyclists and other users of the path.

Markéta Vaňková, Mayor of Brno, said: “We are trying to improve transport in Brno in all ways possible. The Repairs and Closures Coordination Group is already in operation, and this is one of the other technical ways possible to increase efficiency and traffic safety. Of course, the number of vehicles is steadily rising and the effect of some of these measures will only emerge in the future. But I believe that their real impact on the situation in Brno is already visible.”

Another objective is to improve the quality of traffic information gathered through the CCTV system at intersections controlled by light signaling devices, which will in turn improve traffic management. This will also allow for improved sharing of transport data from individual systems to the Brno Information Center, which will mean better provision of this information to the public.

Subsidies for the third stage, which the city will request from the Transport Operational Program, should cover 85 percent of all costs. The estimated share funded by the City of Brno will be CZK 20 million.

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