Train Crash Near Brno Hlavní nádraží this Morning, 14 People in Hospital Care

After the collision of two trains near Brno Hlavní nádraží, 14 people were transported to the hospital this morning. 250 people from trains were evacuated. Three units of the fire department were on site. Photo: HZS JMK.

Brno, Mar 5 (BD) (Updated at 11:18 AM.) – “After the accident of two passenger trains in Brno, 21 persons ended in care of the Emergency Medical Services”, announced the Fire Department of South Moravia (HZS JMK) on its Twitter account this morning.

“21 people were treated on site for minor to medium injuries. People mainly suffered scrapes, minor fractures, bruises, and concussions,” Michaela Bothová spokeswoman of South Moravian Emergency Medical Services explained. “13 people were transported to the four Brno hospitals directly from the site of the accident. Another patient was transported to the hospital as she had originally walked off, but her condition deteriorated later,” Bothová added.

“Even though the injuries were of minor to medium nature, the extent of the accident and number of people involved is large,” Bothová said to Brno Daily.

The Fire Department has updated the status of the morning operation as “concluded” on their website.

The train operation will be limited in the morning. From 8:50 AM the the trains have been using one track between Brno-Židenice and Brno Hlavní Nádraží.

According to the Czech TV quoting the Railway Inspectorate, the trains most likely collided because one of the train drivers made a mistake and departed too early.

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