New Residential Development in Kamenny Vrch: Construction Could Begin in 2022

On Wednesday, Brno City Council approved a revised construction plan taking into account the views of residents and the local district council. Image: MMB.

Brno, Mar 1 (BD) – The Kamenny Vrch II residential development project, which will see new residential houses with 300 flats built to the north of ul. Petr Křivka in Novy Liskovec, is one of the main areas earmarked for future residential expansion in the City of Brno, and one of the city’s strategic projects. The council’s decision follows consultation with residents and the local council in Novy Liskovec.

Commenting on the changes, Oliver Pospíšil (CSSD), Deputy Mayor for Housing, said: “The construction process has changed from the original plan. The eastern part of the site was to be developed in three stages, but we have now merged these into one, which should take a maximum of four years. The western part of the site is reserved for future housing construction, with a time span of about ten years, and will be separated from the eastern section by a park. We have acknowledged citizens’ concerns about long-term construction activity and we want to minimize the impact on the quality of housing in the surrounding area.”

The majority of the new development can be carried out within the City of Brno’s existing planning regulations. There are only around 25 family homes on the north edge of the development which would require changes to the planning rules, which are already in the pipeline.

The proposals will now be subject to consultation from various city departments, followed by the preparation of project documentation. The construction itself is planned between 2022 and 2024.   

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