Last Chance to Skate Under Jošt

Over 1,300 skaters have used the ice rink “Under Jošt” on Moravské náměstí this winter. Tomorrow, the ice rink will close until next winter. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 25 (BD) – “Let me inform you that due to the warm weather, the town hall of Brno-střed will cease to operate the ice rink ‘Under Jošt’ tomorrow morning. Skating for primary school pupils will be free of charge in the morning, but in the afternoon the skating will be over,” announced Kateřina Dobešová, spokesperson for Brno-střed town hall, this afternoon.

In the season 2017/2018, 17,598 skaters used the rink in the city center. This season, it was 18,928 people, 1,330 more.

The winter season 2017/18 ended on March 11, 2018.

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