Two New Waste Disposal Facilities to Be Built in Brno

The two new waste disposal facilities (SSOs), one on Lazaretni in Zidenice, and one on Sochorova in Zabovresky, were approved on Wednesday by Brno City Council. Photo credit: @BrnoDaily.

Brno, Feb 21 (BD) – The two SSOs will be subsidised within the framework of the Environment Operational Program. The new centre on Sochorova will replace the temporary SSO on the site, which was set up when previous plans for a permanent SSO were cancelled along with a connected housing development. The temporary SSO does not meet technical or hygiene standards for such facilities, in areas such as lighting and security.

According to Deputy Mayor Petr Hladik: “Our goal is to build in this area a new waste disposal facility that will comply with all standards and will be a permanent building. The new collection center will provide a reinforced handling area for freight vehicles, new engineering networks, lighting and social facilities for the operators.”

The proposed SSO on Lazaretni will solve the current lack of such a facility in Zidenice, which has been without one since 2013 when the previous SSO was closed. The site designed to build the SSO is large enough to allow safe handling of containers and the transit and rotation of lorries.

The cost of the two projects combined is estimated at CZK 22.2 million, of which the subsidy should cover CZK 18.2 million, with the rest to be financed by the city.

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